AccuTech SMI Stepper Motor Oil Temp Gauge 2-5/8 (100-340)


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  ‘Stepper Motor’ Racing Gauges, The next generation in instrumentation

SMi™ Stepper motor gauges use a small electronic motor that only turns a tiny fraction of a rotation to drive the pointer. It is electronically controlled and is much more precise than the traditional mechanical instruments whose accuracy can be affected by many factors.

• Gauges are 2-5/8” and have a molded polycarbonate / ABS case (virtually unbreakable)
• An electronic sensor (incl.) is installed on the motor to drive the gauge – no oil or fuel in the driver’s compartment for safety.
• Thru-the-dial LED backlights and an illuminated pointer make these easy to read at any speed
• ”Presentation” at turn-on – Gauges go through a self test. Pointers swing full scale and all LEDs come on
• Quick & simple to install – Connect power to one gauge and ‘daisy chain’ the others to it (wiring included).
• Connect the sensor wire and you’re done
• Can be used with 12 & 16 Volt negative ground systems

NOTE: These electronic gauges are not intended to be waterproof. Cover the gauges if the car interior is to be washed down.



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