The Pit Pass


The Pit Pass is all you need to measure stagger at the track: 4 Stagger Tapes and 4 Tire Crayons

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4 Stagger Tapes

    • Features thumb lock design
    • 10′ long steel 1/4″ wide tape
    • Great addition to your toolbox
    • Use to measure tire circumference easily

4 White Tire Crayons

    • Doesn’t melt, soften or rub off in the pocket
    • Marks on tires, tubes, rubber and plastic products
    • 3 7/8″ x ½ “


Tips for the crew:
When checking stagger, make certain that the air pressure is set to the desired level for racing. Always use a flexible 1/4” tape or Stagger Gauge to measure each tire’s circumference, measuring at the center point of the tire.

When you have too much stagger you will find a loose (rear has less traction than the front) condition. The loose condition will probably only get worse as the main event rolls on. As the
right rear is losing traction and sliding around, causing it to heat up and build up the air pressure, the right rear tire will continue to grow in size, making the car even looser!

Too much stagger can also affect straightaway speed as the car will be trying to turn left down the straightaway. The driver will be forced to constantly be turning to the right which can scrub
off speed. Without enough stagger, your car will push toward the outside wall and will start to scare the hell out of you. The push will cause the right front tire to heat up, causing excess wear, build air pressure and intensify the tight condition.


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