Hawk Performance Racing Brake Fluid – HP600 – 600º


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Hawk Performance HP600 Racing brake fluid is a great addition to your car. If you’re planning to take your vehicle to the track for an event, this fluid can ensure it’s able to handle the increased temperature. The team at Hawk formulated HP600 to offer the best performance in racing conditions. It has a minimum dry boiling point of 572 degrees F and a minimum wet boiling point of 383 degrees F. A higher temperature range means you won’t experience brake fluid fade—also known as vapor lockup. Boiling your fluid will reduce its effectiveness in the future and require bleeding or fresh fluid.

• Dry Boiling Point: 572 degrees
• Wet Boiling Point: 383 degrees
• DOT 4
• 500 ml
• Sold individually


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Hawk Performance Racing Brake Fluid – HP600 – 600º